Year Round School?!?!?!?

Posted: December 28, 2013 in Uncategorized

The title alone will make people mad. I know it will. Some people are so dead set against year round school that they won’t even read this. I’m glad to see that you will at least listen to another view.

I’m not proposing school is 365 days, minus the weekends, a year. I’m saying students (and teachers) need breaks to reflect and time to relax.

When do you see stress in students? December (in the United States) is a very stressful time for students and teachers. Some say it’s because of finals and ending of a semester. I say that’s true, but also the fact that there hasn’t really been a good long break. Yes, we have a few days off during Thanksgiving, but is it a break? Not in my eyes. There is traveling to family, cooking for family, shopping for the upcoming holiday season, there is SO much going on, that no one can relax. So then we go into December stressed and it never stops until Winter Break.

I’ve had the luck to have 2 weeks off for the break. It’s a time for me to really relax and forget about school. In fact, I’ve seen several tweets from my teacher friends who are happy to have a break from hundreds of emails during the past week.

Yesterday I read an article about Missouri’s new proposal for a September to May school year. They want to make it law that no school can start before September 1 and must by finished by May 31. With the law they want to add hours to the school year, thus making the school day longer.

Alright, making the school day longer? Students get very tired after a 7 hour school day. Heck, the teachers work 8 hour days (or longer) and are exhausted at the end. What are you trying to do? Kill everyone of exhaustion?

Why make the school day longer and the summer longer? The reason many had long summers is so kids could help in the fields and around the house.  This is no longer needed as mst people work away from home. Also, a longer school day, the kids go and have a part time job, just makes them more tired.

Here is what I think would be beneficial.

School starts on August 1. Yes, I know it’s early, but that makes it possible for the first quarter to be over by the first week of October. Students then get 2 weeks off before starting the second nine weeks. Now, if students do not pass a class or complete all the work in the first quarter, then they are required to go to school during the first week of break to finish their work. This gives students a reason to work during school and not goof off. This also helps students who need a little more time to complete their work to complete the work and be more successful, rather than it snow balling into a big mess of unfinished work.

After the end of the second nine weeks, around the second week of December, students then get another break. Those not finished with work can have an extra week before the Christmas season starts up. The break this time is about 4 weeks. This allows families time to travel and celebrate the holiday season without worrying about missing school.

The second week of January everyone returns to school for the third quarter. After nine weeks, there is Spring Break. This would be around the last week of March and the first week of April. Again, two weeks off gives teachers time to decompress and travel for a week before having a week of getting back into the swing of things. The second week of April would be the time to come back and finish the school year around the second week of June. Yup, I know that I just made some people really mad. However, there ar several schools on the two coasts of the United States that have school go into June.

Summer would then be about 6 weeks though July before starting back up August 1. Yes, it’s not very long, but it’s long enough to relax and prepare for the following school year. It’s short enough that students won’t forget everything they learned the previous year. It would make a huge difference in comprehension.

Australia (opposite seasons) starts school the third week of January and end around December 1. They don’t have a very long summer and they have longer breaks during the year like I mentioned above. Maybe I’m just in the wrong country and should move to Australia to teach.

Anyway, these are my ramblings and thoughts. Now to enjoy the last day of “freedom” before I return to grading and preparing for next semester. I’ve enjoyed the week free from school. It was much needed.


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