Elementary Thoughts

Posted: January 1, 2014 in Uncategorized

A couple of days ago I was getting my haircut. The station next to me had a little boy sitting in the chair. The hair dresser asked him some questions about school. He said he was 8 years old and that he liked Science. The hair dresser started asking him about what he was learning in Science and he said they don’t really have Science.

That troubles me. Science is a hands-on and gets kids excited, but we are so focused on Reading and Mathematics that Science and Social Studies gets pushed aside. I don’t like it. It needs to change.

We also don’t need to make state assessments for the two subjects to see that they are being taught, just teach them. Let students read and do math within those two subjects. We have to get away from Reading and Mathematics and testing constantly and start teaching students everything again.


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