Are Kids Dumber?

Posted: January 6, 2014 in Uncategorized

Yesterday I was asked by someone in their 80s,  “Do you think kids are getting dumber?”

I sat thinking for a bit on how to answer this question. Are kids getting dumber? Well, I told her that I feel it’s not so much getting dumber, but becoming more lazy. Kids don’t have to memorize anymore.

She went on to tell me that when she was in school they had to memorize a poem every week and on Friday recite it as well as tell what it meant.

I shared how now students still research and tell about poems, but don’t really memorize.

One of my biggest pet peeves is students constantly reaching for their calculator. I shared how students will reach for a calculator when trying to multiply 6 and 7, and I’ll grab it before they have a chance. Kids have become lazy. They don’t have to think.

Yes, technology is great! Yes, students have access to whatever information they want 24/7, most of them in their pockets. Could you imagine carrying a set of encyclopedias, a dictionary, heck, the entire library in your pocket when you were their age?

I think it’s great that students have this access at all times. But does it make them dumber? Does it make them lazy? What is your definition of “dumber”?  What is your definition of “lazy”?

Please share your thoughts so I can share back with others who may have this question.


As a final word, when I was titling this, I forgot the “b”. Please don’t let that influence your thinking.

  1. Ryan says:

    Sometimes I feel that its not the kids getting dumber or lazy but rather us the teachers. I really think that kids whether a 100 years ago, 50, 20, or present are basically the same as far as effort and ability goes. I think that we, as teachers, have stop fighting the good fight. Now obviously I’m not talking every teacher there are many many great teachers out there but I’m talking majority at different levels of fault. I do think that there are many things that have changed to make our jobs harder, society doesn’t trust us as much, parents are constantly questioning our decisions, Admin have become more about being a politician ( pleasing everyone, parents, board, students then teachers ) but all of these aspects have created an environment where teachers have lowered expectations. It’s too hard for students to memorize poems, says parents or admins or whoever and we cave and lower our expectations. Let them retake the tests until they pass …. translation to the students … it doesn’t count the first time so I’m not going to study. Homework shouldn’t count as a grade…. translation to students … then its not important. etc etc. If you want your students to do something that shows you how smart they can be …. then challenge them, have high expectations, support them because they are still students and they need you and be ready to fight the good fight initially because they already have been programed to give up without trying, rush through to get done, argue with you that it is too hard etc. Just don’t accept anything less then their best and show them that you won’t and they will soar! It’s not simple as that because like I said before there is a lot of environmental issues / road blocks in your way but teachers need to continue to fight, its not the easiest way but its the only way for your students to reach maximum success.

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