Need for Talent

Posted: January 9, 2014 in Uncategorized

I’m sitting here in a plane somewhere between Atlanta and Kansas City just observing those around me.

There isn’t too much on the ground, well, I’m seeing clouds right now, so there really could be anything down there. Anyway . . .

I teach in a building where we have several students who are bilingual. It amazes me each time I get to watch them translate to their parents for me. I’m also amazed at how they can have conversations on the phone, switching from English to Spanish without stopping. Each time I complement those students on the awesome talent that they have, one that I don’t possess.

Today on my flight there was a couple sitting behind me who don’t know English. When the flight assistant was asking them what they wanted to drink, she wasn’t able to communicate with them and asked for another flight assistant to help out.

I guess what I’m thinking is that I wish students who are lucky (yes, I believe lucky) to have parents who speak one language, yet go to school in English, knew they talent that they have. In our world today there are so many jobs and companies needing these bilingual speakers. However, I see so many of these kids not caring about school and thinking they don’t matter.

What can we do to help them see the need for their talent? What can we do to help them refocus and start to find a job?

I live in a small (about 25,000 people) city, and it isn’t easy for some off these kids to see the need for this. I would love to get them out and really see where their talent can be used.


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