I didn’t sign up for the cold

Posted: April 29, 2014 in Uncategorized

IMG_0516So a little back story . . .

On Thursday in class I got into a conversation with some track students in class. I was teasing them a little because it seems like many students try to miss warm ups for track practice. A few of the students then said that I don’t exercise and shouldn’t be talking. I told them I run and showed them my phone with RunKeeper and the miles that I’ve ran. Their response? “You put that in your car and drive around.” haha

Well, needless to say, they told me to come and practice . . . so I did.

When I stepped outside today, first there was a strong northwest wind with the temperature only in the 50s (Fahrenheit). Recently it’s been in the 70s, so I was not prepared as I was in my shorts and T-shirt. I met up with everyone, many kids asking why I was out there. The ones in the class were surprised I actually showed up.

Then the warm-ups start.

First we did some stretching. It was normal and I was having a good time. We then started skipping and high knees. Still not bad. Then the lunges started. At first it was nothing, even the backward lunges weren’t too bad. Yes, my legs were starting to hurt, but I was doing fine.

But then my legs were rubber.

I started to remember why I dropped out of track back in 7th grade. It wasn’t the sport, I enjoy running. It was the stupid warm-ups! They’re brutal! But I made it though and I even ran the track with the students (even if the head wind almost knocked me over).

When teaching, you gotta let the kids see you in a different setting. Let them see you hold true to your word. Show them that you care about them and can have fun outside of the classroom.

Today was a great day and I want to thank Coach Rathbone for allowing me to join practice today. I also want to thank Coach Hermreck for taking the picture for me. I wish I was with the kids running, but I was in the middle of the crowd and sort of at my own pace.

Good luck to the kids running the AVID 6K this Saturday. I’ll be cheering you on as I help direct you where to go. I’ll be on the route, but never fear, I will run the route late this week on my own.


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