Continuing Education

Posted: July 12, 2014 in Uncategorized

First I have to give a disclosure:
Yes, I watch Tabatha Takes Over on Bravo. If you’ve never seen the show, go check out an episode.

A little background, Tabatha is a well-known hair stylist who travels the world designing hair. Her show is about going into failing salons (she now goes into any type of business) and transforms the staff to make the salon successful. But I’m not here to talk about the show.

I want to point out something that she always mentions in the episodes. “Have you had any classes or training lately?” She asks the stylists if they are continuing this education. WHAT?!?!?! They need to do that? Of course they do! Have any of you see the hair styles change over time? What if you were given a hairstyle that your stylist learned to do in the 1980s?

Salon managers can bring in education for their stylists, but in many of the episodes, the hair stylists talk about how they go and find their own means of educating themselves. If they want more clients and to give people the latest styles, they have to learn the latest styles and keep up with the times.

Likewise in schools, we teachers need to be out there and learning about the latest “styles” in education. What is different than when you were in learning about teaching? What can you do to help students be more successful?

I graduated from a teachers college 10 years ago. Did you know that Facebook and Twitter didn’t exist then? What if I taught they way I learned to teach? What if I didn’t use the latest technology and teaching techniques? I don’t think I would be as effective as I am. Yes, I could wait for principals to bring in the education that I need, but they are doing so much that they can’t always provide for me.

Just like in my classroom, every teacher is at a different place in their teaching. Principals can’t make professional development to easily fit everyone, so we need to step up and find our own learning. I myself attend Edcamps and connect via Twitter and starting to use Voxer. These are ways that I stay connected with my teacher friends and learn from them.

It’s time to not wait for people to come to you. It’s time as teachers that we reach out and learn more things so that we can be better educators.


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