Facebookless Summer

Posted: July 17, 2014 in Uncategorized

This week has been a great one! All my plans changed on Monday evening when I saw that Vision 2020 was this week. It’s been a great way to connect with Oklahoma educators as I begin a new journey here. However, that’s not what this post is about.

This summer has been different. Not because I’m living in Oklahoma now, but because I haven’t been on Facebook. I closed my account and have been enjoying some great times on Twitter and reading great books. Well, at Vision 2020 I have heard about all the great education things in Oklahoma that are happening on Facebook and I was starting to think I needed to get back on there.

Then I had some great friends share a couple of posts.

The first was from Amanda Dykes (@amandadykes) wondering “Are You a Connected Educator or a Connected Person?

Then Brent Catlett (@catlett1) shared “My Own Personal Struggle“.

Both of these pieces hit close to home. First, Amanda got me to thinking about my life on Twitter. I do think about what people think when they see I post about Big Brother on CBS or when I share about hanging out with friends. Is that bad? But then again, I’m showing I’m a human and that I do things other than live in my classroom.

Then Brent has me thinking about what I share on social media. Am I sharing too much? Are people going to just come find me and talk to me? Ok, so that happens at conferences. Teachers know who I am and what I do before we ever meet. So in that aspect it’s great because then I don’t have awkward “this is me” conversations. I’m able to just jump in about our passions of education and have great talks.

So this brings me back to Facebook and how it hasn’t been a part of my life this summer. Has it been tough? A little. My past coworkers are mainly on Facebook, so I haven’t been able to keep in contact with them as well and I haven’t seen what they’ve been up to this summer. My family is also on Facebook, so I am missing out with what is going on with all of them.

When it comes to my profession though? Well, I’m happy not to be on there. Facebook was my place where I was me. It was a place that I shared some professional stuff, but it was mainly about me.

So I guess I’m not at a place that I don’t know when I’ll rejoin Facebook. There is life outside of it. I miss the posts of family and also sharing about the changes in my life. But for education? Well, when I do rejoin, I think I will limit how much professional life will happen on there.

What are your thoughts? Did Amanda and Brent get you to thinking as well?


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