My Kids

Posted: August 13, 2014 in Uncategorized

Today was exhausting, yet exciting!

Today the 6th graders came to school for “Saddle Up”. It was a time for them to come to the building and meet the teachers and start to find their way around their new school. It was an exciting time.

I started the day at the main entrance greeting students and parents. Watching the joy of some parents as they realized they didn’t have to stay and they had a little free time. Watching some parents as they are bringing their oldest or youngest and how “they are growing up so fast” is heard. I don’t have any children, but watching them take their first steps again is not easy.

After the little talk as a whole group I got to see them in smaller groups in my room. The energy that they bring is great! (and tiring) After teaching 8th graders for three years, I have forgotten how much energy these kids can have! However, I loved every minute and it just feeds me to bring them into my mathematical world.

As we start this year, I can’t help but think about the great things that are going to happen. These are “my kids” for the next nine months. Some love math and some can’t stand it, but I hope that as they leave they have an understanding of the mathematical world that surrounds them and they know how to work their way through it.

I know I don’t have kids of my own and I know some parents think that may be a hinderance to really caring about their child, but don’t worry. Every student I’ve had is “my kid”. When they struggle, I struggle. When they prosper and celebrate, I jump in and have a ball.

This year will be no different. I’m ready to roll. I may not have a clear path right now, but I know it’s going to be an awesome, learning-filled nine months!


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