The Struggle Is Real

Posted: September 1, 2014 in Uncategorized

Well, we have been in school for 9 days so far. Things are going well. I feel we are starting to get into the routine of school, but I also know that will take another two weeks before we are smooth sailing.

My biggest struggle so far this year is time and processing speed.

1) The time I teach is significantly different than what I’ve been used to. The past three years O have had about an hour and twenty minutes pre class period. This year at my new building I have 50 minutes.

Now, I know some of you are saying that you’ve always had about 50 minutes and you think that I’m just complaining. Well, I am a little. Ha

I never thought it would be that big of a difference, but it really is. By the time I take attendance, go over the days standard and find out from the students about “good things”, I’m down to about 40 minutes. I know that is still plenty of time, but my problem is is that I’m over planning. I have too much planned for the class period.

Again, where’s the problem? Better than not having enough, right?

Well, the problem is that by Friday I’m feeling down because I didn’t get covered everything that I wanted to. Yes, I know adjusting is important and I do that, but it’s still rough thinking that I didn’t get covered what I wanted.

2) The processing speed of 6th graders is drastically slower than 8th graders. Now, I know they are still getting accustomed to middle school life and changing teachers, but again, it’s new to me.

I have to keep reminding myself that they are adjusting and doing the best they can. They want to do well for me, I just need to slow down a little. It’s going to be okay, Anthony.

I know that as the year goes along, all of these silly thoughts and complaints will go away. It’s just the beginning of the school year, I know.

As I always say, I just wish it were the middle of September, we were in our routines, and the school year is running as it should. It will get there, I know it will.

What’s your biggest struggle with the start of the school year?
Any advice on how to help me plan my class periods a little better?

  1. Every minute of patience in August gives you two minutes in October. You’ve done a great job of identifying your kids needs and how you can adjust. That’s the way it should be.

  2. Jody Maxey says:

    I think you are doing a great job so far because you are aware of it and looking to adjust. Where you will run Into problems is the “unexpected” (surprise fire drill, lunch line slooow downs, oops forgot to mention we were having a brief assembly this morning). I am on block schedule and run into the same things. I always try to plan in research/activity days that could easily be absorbed on another day as a demonstration, introduction, etc so I make sure the meat of my content is not disrupted. Did I say not disrupted? That’s funny! My principal is the king of disruptions! And I mean no disrespect to him. He knows, I tell him all the time! 🙂

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