The Teacher is Missing (Day 4 of 25 Days of School Christmas Season)

Posted: November 17, 2014 in Uncategorized

So this week is an exciting one for me. I will be attending the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) Regional Conference in Houston, TX. I’m excited because I’ve never been to an NCTM event before. I am going to be nerding out big time with fellow mathematicians!

Not only will I finally get to hear Dan Meyer speak, but I’m hoping to reconnect with Krissy Venosdale, someone I’ve enjoyed visiting with at Edcamps and online. I’m also hoping to finally meet Todd Nesloney, a great Tweep and awesome principal!

Going to conferences and learning is one of the best things that I get to enjoy! Yes, I am a learner myself and I love sharing that with my students.

However, it comes with a price.

I wish I could tell my students not to come to school and we would make up the days at a later time. However, that can’t be done. So I have to write sub plans.

Yes, being gone is not easy because there is so much work that a teacher has to do in order to be absent. I hear from those outside of education that when they are gone they have to make up their work before and after and they think it’s tough. However, when they are gone, their desk sits empty. That’s all.

As a teacher, your desk isn’t empty while you’re absent. Someone else comes in and takes over for you. This time I’m gone for THREE days in a row. I’ve never been gone for that long before. I’m nervous and a little lost on how to plan for that! How will I know how much students will get completed in a class period? How can I make sure that they are still learning and not just having busy work?

Well, I have planned the three days. (Yes, a day ahead of time!) Each day has 4 pages of plans. Luckily, since I teach 2 classes over 6 periods, then I can just say “this class does the same as hour 1”, which cuts down a lot of typing. How did teachers write plans on paper and not type them back in the day?

Is this too much information?

My belief is that my plans should be so great that ANYONE could walk in and pick up where I left off. Students shouldn’t even know that I’m gone and just continue through class. I hope that happens. I hope that when I get back that students are ready to continue moving forward in their learning.

Well, off to make copies and organize my desk for the substitute!


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