Random Thoughts By A Teacher (Day 7 of 25 Days of School Christmas Season)

Posted: November 20, 2014 in Uncategorized

So here I am in Houston, Texas, at a conference. I’ve been kind of quiet and just listening. I’m absorbing the conversations and just listening to what others have to say. Some of you are not wondering what’s wrong. I’m not a normal one to just sit and listen. However, it’s been great.

It was interesting to hear the different speakers today. Some being professionals who speak to adults all the time and those who are a little nervous in front of adults. Yes, it is obvious. But why?

Why do we get so nervous in front of our peers? I’ve been one that way. Heck, depending on the scene, I’m still that way.

Today, I had the opportunity to listen to Dan Meyer speak. First, I have heard about him and read about him so many times that I just love what he has to share. Well, my first thought today was watching everyone who had to have a photo with him and his reactions. He’s famous. He may not be like a movie star, but with math geeks his is VERY famous. Second. . .. How tall is he?

That aside. . . ..

Why is Dan so great and famous? He is confident.

When you are wanting a speaker, you want someone who is confident when they speak. Ginger Lewman and Kevin Honeycutt are two others who when in front of crowd just know how to speak and do it well. They are not nervous.

What makes a teacher so great? One who can just stand in front of their students and just speak. They don’t need “a lesson plan”. They just know where they want to go and they just do it. A great teacher is one who is not afraid of who is in front of them. They just speak and it works.

That’s what I learned today from Dan. Just speak and be confident.


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