School Social Cliques

Posted: November 28, 2014 in Uncategorized

I’ve been stewing on this post for a couple of weeks now. I’m still not sure how to write this without hurting anyone’s feelings or doubting the school system. However, I feel that by me sharing my thoughts it will get others to think as well.

A few weeks ago the United Kingdom Daily Mail reported about how researchers have found a way to end “mean girls” in schools. You know, the kids who are mean to those not in their clique.

Is there a pecking order in our schools? How did those get created?

The main reason that researchers say we have cliques is because of the offering of classes and choices for students. In a way, I have to agree.

For instance, students who are in music classes (band, choir, orchestra) in high school normally have one hour to take that class. If the student is not able to take the class that one hour, then they have to make a decision.

Many schools offer Advanced Placement (AP) classes. Most generally, there is only one hour for each subject that the AP class is offered. Again, if you want to take it, that’s when you take it. Now let me talk about the AP classes for a moment.

If you’re a high achieving student who wants to do well and decide to take all AP classes, then you’re probably with the same people all day. If someone steps in for a class period because they want to challenged themselves in one subject and not all, then that student could instantly be an outcast. I know many teachers try not to allow that, but it can happen.

Many high schools also offer the remedial classes for students who struggle. Again, if you struggle in all subjects, then you’re instantly in a clique. If you try to step out of those cliques . . . . well, people already know who you are.

What are we doing in schools to help take the cliques away? Have we decided that cliques are going to happen no matter what?

If you read further in the article, they state that the schools who offer fewer choices for classes do not see cliques.

Elementary schools have students in one classroom all day. They get to know their fellow students and go to music classes and other places together. That’s not offering many things, yet I have to say that I have seen cliques form there as well.

Will we ever stop cliques? What are you doing to help get all students involved in class?


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