What is an A? (Day 14 of 25 Days of School in the Christmas Season)

Posted: December 4, 2014 in Uncategorized

Today I was talking with a coworker about grades.

What is an A?

What is a B?

What is a C?

What is a D?

Why do we put grades with almost anything education? Heck, here in Oklahoma we even give grades to schools based on hwo they do on the state assessment and other things. (Don’t get me started on that)

I understand why high schools need grades, because colleges look at the grades. Until we change that, we can’t change it all.

However, I don’t feel the A-F grade scale is needed in middle school. It should just be letting students know if they are working at grade level (or above/below) and if they are working at their own ability (or above/below). I can’t take credit for these thoughts as I have worked at a school that had this in place.

Students need to be challenged, but when we give them an A, they stop working. If they are struggling and get a D or F, then they stop working. What are we trying to prove?

I was never a good test taker, so I always received Cs and Ds on chapter tests and quizzes in math. Yes, the subject I now teach, I never scored very high. I could do well on daily assignments and if I had time to be successful. When stuck to a time constraint, I would panic.

So this has got to change. We need to get away from grades!

But how?

I know many use Standards Based Grading, but when it comes to report cards, they still have to relate it to the A-F grade scale.

How do we change all of this?


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