Mission January 2015 Day 1

Posted: January 5, 2015 in Uncategorized

Today was an awesome first day back to school!

I introduced the Mission to the students today. It was fun to see the students wonder what I was doing as I read the letter to them. I feel that my first hour was the best in reactions though.

A little background: My first hour is into gaming. Each day when I do “Good Things” (students share the good things happening in their life) they are always talking about the latest game level they are at or another game they now have.

Teachers talk: I have no idea what they are talking about, but I listen and play along and watch the excitement that many of them share with each other.

So when I started talking about badges, they were excited. The last line of the letter states: “Failure to complete your mission by January 30, 2015, could result in detentions until the mission is completed.” A few students started to freak out (you know, the ones who won’t have trouble completing the mission) and a girl, who is my thinker, yells out. “COULD, COULD. Calm down. It says could. You know if you miss a lot of school then he won’t punish you. Jeeze.” (Have I said I enjoy the humor and the camaraderie in this bunch?)

Well, things were going smoothly today until I had a student in 6th hour get upset because he knew that he had completed more than 20 questions, but Study Island said he had only done 3. He was upset. So we did some digging and clicking on things and found out that the numbers on the main page are not the true numbers. So they helped him and of course I learned a little more about Study Island as well.

So now I have some students who have received badges already. I don’t have any to show colored because no one wanted to stop working. They wanted to earn more badges and take them home to color.

I also had many who asked if they could work at home. Does it work on devices? It was great to see their excitement. I can’t wait to see their reactions as students return tomorrow with their badges to start placing on the bulletin board.


Once this is filled (which I think will happen by the end of the week, then the badges will start going up in the hall.

Here’s the a great month of review!


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