Changes in the Classroom

Posted: January 13, 2015 in Uncategorized

Things are going well with Mission: January 2015. I did change a few things for some classes because I know that they need those changes to help them relax and be more successful. Lower level students don’t need to be rushed, they need to be encouraged. Because of that, I made a few other changes in the classroom.

This week I started splitting my students into two groups. One group is continuing to work on the Mission, while the other group works with me on new content. This allows me to talk with all students and see their understanding. I also enjoy being able to work with a smaller group of students. The thing that is difficult is that students will only learn new content every other day since we have 50 minute classes.

What I need to start figuring out now is for next week. I won’t have the computers next week, but I want to continue to have the two separate groups. I need to sit down and figure out what type of activities I can have students (10-15 in the group) to work on while being successful with little assistance with me as I work with new content with the other group.

I know this is possible, but it is all new to me. I can do this!


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