More Changes in the Classroom

Posted: January 21, 2015 in Uncategorized

I had many ask recently how my Mission: January 2015 was going. I’ve really had to adjust the calendar and the deadline. Many of my students struggle with retention of information, so it’s been a struggle with the review. However, as students are becoming more familiar with the topics again, they are beginning to do really well.

Students really enjoy getting their badges and working for something. It’s a little tied to grades, but they don’t care.

Yes, my students now work to learn and not for the grade.

The past two weeks I have started to have my classes split into two groups. One group works on their own on some kind of review. (Well, that’s my 6th grade math classes. My Pre-Algebra classes do research on new topics and discuss notes.) The other group is then working with me. We have been doing hands on activities to understand circles. They have been discovering pi and really enjoying looking for answers and not just be given the answers.

In the past two weeks I have not heard, “Is this for a grade?” I love it! Kids are wanting to come to class and learn. They are not coming for a grade. (I do need to get some sort of grade into the grade book though, since it’s a requirement.) It has been exciting to see them struggle making circles, helping each other make circles and then understand their findings.

If you don’t think that working in small groups works nor work for no grade, then you need to come see my classroom. It has been wonderful! I hope to be able to record and share some videos of our classroom working so you can see the amazing things that are happening.

Feel free to check out our class Twitter page to see pictures of what is going on in our room.


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