Changing Education in Oklahoma

Posted: January 25, 2015 in Uncategorized

Yesterday I attended EdcampTulsa. Once again, it was a great experience. First, I want to share a little bit about the education system in Oklahoma for those who do not live here. We have a new State Superintendent, Joy Hofmeister, who really believes in the teachers here. She has taken the reigns after we had some bad things happen in our education system. I’m not going to talk about everything that was hurting education in Oklahoma, instead I want to talk about the great things happening now.

Why do I feel things are going to change for children and teachers in Oklahoma? This was the second Edcamp that I saw Superintendent Hofmeister attend in Oklahoma. She also has EdcampOKC on her schedule so she can attend next month. It’s exciting to have someone in our state capitol who really wants to listen to her teachers.

One of the difficulties that I have though is that many teachers have not caught on to the fact that Superintendent Hofmeister wants to listen and not talk. I was a little late to her session that she was leading titled “Listening to Teacher’s Needs”, so I came in quietly. I sat down as Hofmeister was standing with the microphone talking. Then someone asked another question and she continued to talk.

Well, I remember at EdcampBrokenArrow how, then, Superintendent Candidate Hofmeister said that she did not want to lead a session because she was there to listen, not to talk. I also was reflecting on the title of the session and wondered why we were listening and not talking. So I raised my hand for the next question. “I was looking at the title of the session and you want to hear from us. So instead of us asking questions, what questions do you have for us?”

From there, the session changed directions. Teachers who moved from out of state shared stories about how difficult it is to get a teaching certificate transferred from another state. Teachers shared about how we need more PD to be working together, which opened the door for Josh Flores, Director of Secondary ELA in Oklahoma, was able to share about PD on your Plan that has been started. Superintendent Hofmeister also talked about the summer education conference (formerly Vision2020) and asked what we would like to see at the event. Teachers want to see a tech playground and allow students to come and play also. Teachers want to see an Edcamp style day for teachers in subjects to talk and share. Notes were taken and things will happen! At the end of the session, we were reminded about the #oklaed chat on Sunday evenings.

Education is changing in Oklahoma. Teachers and parents have a voice. What are you doing to help let your voice be heard? Please join us on February 28 at Moore High School to help continue the change in education in Oklahoma. If you are unable to attend that Edcamp, please take the time to talk with your fellow teachers and start to make a plan to help our students learn and be more successful!

  1. These are good thoughts!! Thanks for sharing!

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