Filling the Calendar

Posted: February 1, 2015 in Uncategorized

In fears of tooting my own horn, I just need to reflect on this past month or so.

Living in a new state and teaching has been very eye opening. When I arrived in Oklahoma, we had the same standards as Kansas (Common Core) so I wasn’t expecting much different. Then in June Oklahoma government decided to toss out CCSS. So here I was, trying to find a new job and I didn’t really understand the standards, so I wasn’t really sure what to teach.

Once I had taken a job and I knew I was going to teach 6th Grade Math, I could start to look at what I was going to be teaching. From my experiences of teachings, I knew how to get started up to get my students learning.

Throughout the year I have helped lead my coworkers (many first year teachers) in how to reach students in interventions and help all students and not just ones who are in your classroom at that moment. Things have been going well. I went to NCTM Regional Conference in Houston and shared with everyone about the great things I learned.

Each day I come to work and do my job and I love every moment of it. I even started up a book study on NCTM’s Principles to Actions book with some Twitter friends and we have great conversations. The crazy thing is, I didn’t know how much my calendar would be filling this semester.

I sat down and talked with our assistant superintendent and she would like me to talk with our instructional coaches next week about how we can get more math going. That meeting is set up for next week.

I’ve been asked to attend a training on standards based grading and assessments. That happens the first week of March.

I proposed a session for MACE (Mid-America Association for Computers in Education) and have been accepted. So I have that the second week of March.

I have been asked to led a session for our district professional development day on President’s Day, so I’m preparing for that.

The Oklahoma State Department of Education has started PD On Your Plan to help teachers become better teachers and to learn from one another. I asked them to come and record me this coming Tuesday.

Our school is participating in the Global School Play Day and I am leading the teachers for this great day of fun for our students this coming Wednesday.

At the end of this month we have Parent-Teacher Conferences and I will be attending EdcampOKC on February 28. Come join us for a great day!

Oh yea, I’m teaching too!!!!

I’ve never really had to keep a calendar because I haven’t had too much going on. But for some reason, my calendar is filling up quickly and I need to learn how to piece it all together. I’m not complaining, it’s just new to me.

I love being a leader and helping others improve. I don’t feel as if I’m anything special, I just do my job.

Thank you to my great PLN on Twitter who inspire me daily to reach for the stars. Keep throwing great ideas at me so I can continue to fill my calendar to assist with others so that we are giving the best education to our students that we can.

  1. Christine says:

    Good for you, Anthony! Keep up the great work! You are surely a great influence on your students, fellow teachers, and even your new state educational system.

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