I Quit . . . and Returned

Posted: February 2, 2015 in Uncategorized

Yesterday when I read Todd Nesloney’s post “Why I Will Never Quit“, I thought about how I have quit before.

Today as I read it, I was reminded why I’m back in education.

Let me take you back to 2008. I was being chased out of education . . . or so I thought. I was young and dumb . . . or so I thought.

You see, I wanted to do things differently, but I felt as if I was being beaten down for trying new things. I felt as if I wasn’t a leader that I wanted to be and that many were trying to keep me from being a leader. So I left.

I packed my car and moved to Tacoma, Washington at the end of May 2008. Well, I was looking for teaching jobs and working on trying to get my Washington teaching certificate. However, I wasn’t really trying that hard. Because of some of what I had experienced, I really thought that maybe I didn’t want to teach anymore. I ended up finding a job as a valet driver and really enjoyed the tips that I got everyday.

When September rolled around (they start after Labor Day) a school district around Seattle was starting late because the teachers were on strike because they didn’t agree with their pay. I knew that I didn’t want to go through that, so I continued to work as a valet driver.

Due to family and personal reasons, I ended up moving back to Kansas that October. I instantly looked for a job and found one at Radio Shack. I enjoyed working with people as they came in and I often talked about my former teaching positions and I feel that helped me out in the job. I started to pursue the thought of becoming a manager and started the training. When the summer of 2009 rolled around, I wasn’t upset about not having the summer off. I enjoyed working and knew that I’d continue down that path.

Then August 2009 showed up. My teacher friends were returning to work. I felt left out. I needed to be back in the classroom.

So I moved to Emporia, KS to become a substitute. That school year I was a full-time substitute teacher. I learned so much about what I wanted in a classroom. The spring of 2010, I started applying everywhere. Yet, I wasn’t getting calls for interviews. I finally had a very promising interview in Pratt, KS in July. I really thought that’s where I was going. Then I got the call that I didn’t get the position.

I was once again questioning if I should be in education. If I can’t get a job teaching, then maybe it’s not the career for me. The next call was from Ginger Lewman. She saw something in me and gave me a chance. I was hired at 4:30 pm on a Tuesday and I was standing in front of parents and students for open house at 6:00. I was all in at Turning Point Learning Center in Emporia.

From there I have had some great administrators who have helped me realize that I am doing what I am to be doing. I have had great supporters in pushing me to be a better educator and to not just “turn the textbook page for the next lesson” like I started as back in 2005.

I’m here for students. I’m here to help them achieve goals that many try to tell them they cannot do. I’m here to help others become greater as well.

I belong in the classroom and I hope to be there for many years to come.


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