Global School Play Day

Posted: February 4, 2015 in Uncategorized

How was today? Exhausting! Am I upset though? NO! Today was great!

So what happened today? Well, you have to step back a couple of weeks. . . . .(screen goes fuzzy as we look back)

I saw on Twitter information about the Global School Play Day. I shared it with the staff at my school. On our Professional IMG_2657Development day, we had a chance to sit down as a 6th grade team and discuss what we wanted to do. We were totally into allowing the students time to play and socialize with their friends.

Many of our students do not have a chance to play games with family and friends. Many of our students have responsibilities outside of school that doesn’t always allow them to be kids. So we wanted to give them a day.

IMG_2656We had the plan that students would follow their schedule as normal. We have Accelerated Reading points, so students who have spent the time to read and take the tests were rewarded with “Play Passes”. These passes would allow those students to leave their regular room and choose another room. We had a sign-in and sign-out for every room so that we could keep track of where students were. The biggest thing of the day?


(fade back to this week)

Yesterday morning (Tuesday) we told the students about the day. We told them how each room was going to have different activities. We told them that they could bring toys and games from home. Throughout the day, students were abuzz about what they were going to be bringing to school and what they wanted to do.

This morning when students came to school they were all talking to each other about what they brought and were excited to share and play. In Advisory we handed out their passes and then students could begin to play. My room was the puzzle room and I had a student almost get one puzzle completed (100 pieces) in the 30 minutes that he sat there.

IMG_2655When 1st Hour began, I had students in my room who were eager to work on puzzles. One student came and worked with me, because well, I wanted to do a puzzle. We worked hard on our puzzle. As we were working, I kept getting texts from other teachers. Some of them were about the day and clarification (which was fine) but then many were just talking. So I reminded them to not use their devices just like we asked the kids to do.IMG_2654

We continued to work on the puzzle, then it was time for class to end. Students moved to their next classes. I had a couple of students from my first hour return to keep working on puzzles. One continued to work with me. We finished out puzzle during this time. I also had students starting to play with the boxes in my room.

I had one student proud of his creation using my centimeter blocks. They asked me to take a picture and I reminded them of no devices. They gave me permission to use mine to take a picture and share it with them later.

Students were completing pIMG_2659uzzles and proud of their hard work. They wanted to show off what they could do! They were not worried about what others thought, but rather wanted to just create.

Throughout the day, students played, discussed, created, and shared. This was a day that for some could be a little loud, but it was completely worth it!

Toward the end of the day I took a picture of the work that I was able to complete with students. I was so focused today on the puzzles that I had a headache when I stopped. I also feel that is a big reason why I’m so exhausted this evening.

I thank my administration for allowing us to have this day with the students. I know that testing is in a couple of months, but I know that today meant so much to the students. It was great to see our Assistant Superintendent Melonie Hau come through our classrooms to see the students playing. It meant so much to see her come through and see this event.

I think the best thing from the day though was an email from a parent. It speaks more than anything I saw today.

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 7.14.39 PM


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