What Other Profession?

Posted: March 30, 2015 in Uncategorized

I got to doing some thinking about my profession. I love teaching! I love working with students and seeing their faces light up when they understand. But when I think about other professions. . . .

What other profession needs a replacement to be gone?

Think about it. When a teacher is absent due to sickness or professional development (to become a better teacher) they need to have a replacement. If a meeting is called at the district office that the teacher needs to attend, you need a replacement in the classroom. We call them substitutes. How important are other jobs if a teacher needs someone else to step in while they attend to other business? I can’t think of any. If the person is in a meeting or gone, then their office is just empty for the time.

What other profession is evaluated on what the employee teaches?

As a teacher, I am responsible for helping students learn. Both in giving them information to remember and to help them become lifelong learners. Then after I help them learn and retain information, they take a test to show others that I taught them. What other profession has that? When they train someone they can go back and reteach something they had trouble with, but if the person continues to mess up, then they fire the person. If the person can’t remember, they no longer have a job. If the people that I teach can’t remember, then I’m out of a job. . . . .

What other profession is in control 25-30 people at a time?

Teachers have 25-30 students in their room at a time. Depending on the age of the students, the teacher either has the same students for 7 hours a day or they have 25-30 students and change each hour during the day (resulting in 130-150 students throughout the day). It can be crazy trying to keep everyone getting along, learning, on task, not fighting, not running, an organized classroom, keeping track of who is in the bathroom, in the library, in the office, getting a drink . . . . .

What other profession gets 25 minute lunches?

Now I know you’re going to fight me on this and say that most contracts say that teachers are to have 35-40 minutes of lunch. How many know that many times the teacher has to take the students to lunch and bring them back during that time? During this short lunch, you have copies to make, getting the next lesson ready, sharing the microwave with 7 other teachers also on lunch, using the  . . . . . oh wait. . . .

What other profession has to make deals with others to use the restroom?

Think about it. Remember that 25-30 people in the classroom? Yea, when teachers need to use the restroom, they can’t just go. They can either hold it or find another teacher to cover for them. (Wait, are we back on the first idea?) We beg other teachers to keep an eye on our class so that we can use the restroom. During that time the teacher covering for us also has a class, so now they have 50-60 students to keep their eyes on in two different rooms most often across the hall from one another. Have you ever tried cutting yourself in half?

Again, I’m not complaining. I love my job! I love teaching and working with students. I love coming up with creative ideas to help students learn.

However, I’m tired of getting stepped on and told that I’m worthless by our legislation. Do they know everything that we go through everyday? When was the last time they had to not use the bathroom for 3 hours (yea, testing season is coming up).

I’d like to see someone in legislation come and teach for me for a week. I’ll even write the lesson plans AND grade for you. I dare you to take on the daily routines of a teacher for one week. I bet you can’t handle it.


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