Fooling the Kids

Posted: April 1, 2015 in Uncategorized

As you know, today was April Fool’s Day.

A few weeks ago our sixth grade teachers decided to trade classes and confuse the students for the day. So we set up a schedule and then agreed to write sub plans for each other to follow.

I started the day trading Advisory classes with my neighbor teacher. We were standing outside each other’s door to greet students as they entered the building. Some were confused, some laughed because they knew what day it was. When the bell rang and I entered my new classroom, students were then confused. They didn’t know what to do.

After Advisory, I then moved on to Reading. They have been looking at poetry and discussing parts of poetry.

I then moved onto a Language Arts class where students are starting to work on writing a personal narrative. It was great to be able to work with students and read what they were going to be writing about and get to know them a little more.

The next class was my plan period. We still had our plan periods so that we could have the time to still get things done in our own classrooms.

Next was lunch followed by Math class. This was nice to be in because this class used to be with my 4th hour, but at semester when we were able to hire another math teacher, we split the class in two. I really enjoyed having the chance to teach the students I used to have.

After this I went to Language Arts. This class was working on poetry and I even got to write my own poem! Check it out!

fresh, colorful
eaten, held, cut
seed, tree, bread, knife
served, spread, eaten
nutty, brown
peanut butter

I then moved onto Geography where they were starting their unit on South America. It was great to be able to talk to students about when I went to Peru. I also had a great discussion about how knowing where different countries are located helps you understand the world a little more.

My last class of the day was Science. They took a quiz over cells and then we had a chance to look at different apps on the iPad. Overall, the day was great!

Throughout the day I was thinking about how great it was for students to see their teachers teach something different than their normal subject. I hear from students all the time in class, “but this isn’t Language Arts” or “what does Geography have to do with Math?” This was our chance to show students that all subjects work together.

It was also great to see how your own students interact with other students in other classes. It gave me a chance to talk with students who I hear cause some troubles in other classes and ask them why they act differently in that class. I was able to talk with them about how they should be focused on learning and bettering themselves.

Talking with other teachers, everyone had a great time remembering all the things that we have learned in the past. It also gave us a taste of other subjects that we often forget about when in our own classrooms. It also helped us to think about how we can tie subjects together.

We all know that we have our own standards to teach, but we can mix subjects together. How can we start bringing classes together to share and learn together and not separate the subjects constantly?

Have you ever done an activity like this before at your schools?

To leave today I do have to share how I was made a fool. . . .

Right before school began a couple of good, trustworthy students came up to me and told me that they saw a couple of 8th grade students slash my tires and run. I asked them who they were and they couldn’t remember.

Now see, a couple of months ago I spent $500 on brand new tires and the fact that I live an hour from school, I was so ticked off and thinking about going and writing a police report and how the day was going to not be fun anymore and  . . .

Then I see the paper on my tires. Yes, there were pictures of Slash on my tires. They got me. I should have seen it coming.


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