An Awesome School Year

Posted: June 15, 2015 in Uncategorized

One year ago I was getting settled in my new home of Stillwater, Oklahoma. I didn’t know many people here and I didn’t know the town. I spent the month of June learning how to get around town as well as looking for a job. Toward the end of the month I had a tweet from Enid Public Schools letting me know about math positions that they had open in their district.

Even though Enid is an hour from Stillwater, I took a job not knowing the greatness that was to be.

The crew on the first day of new teacher training.

The crew on the first day of new teacher training.

First, I met the most amazing teachers who I would be working beside. I couldn’t believe how we all got along right away. We were strong and meshed well. We had many ideas and helped each other during the entire school year.

Celebrating the Chrome Book win

Celebrating the Chrome Book win

Even during the beginning of school trainings that we had, we worked together to win an cart of Chrome Books for our building. . . . and boy do we know how to celebrate. We started out strong and we knew how to help students learn.

As the year went along, we came together several times to give students a way to express themselves through their work. Two of the most amazing Literature and Language Arts teachers worked together to have a poetry slam.

This was also the first year that I had students stop using white boards and just write directly on their desks. Students also took over Gus the Emporia State Gorilla’s Twitter and Instagram accounts, allowing them to share what they were learning. We even participated in the Global School Play Day in February. All of this made for a wonderful year!

All of the great staff and memories slowly came to an end as we said goodbye to our students in May. It’s never easy saying

End of the year.

End of the year.

goodbye to your kids at the end of a school year. Which is part of the reason why it was a difficult decision to take another job.

I have accepted a 7th grade math position with Stillwater School for the fall. I am excited about teaching in the town that I live in and become more of a part of the community here in the time to come.

I will dearly miss all the staff and students at Longfellow Middle School and in Enid Public Schools, but I know that great things will continue to happen with the great staff and leadership that is in the building.

  1. Just thought you might want to edit the part about Gus the Gorilla. Gus is the mascot for Pittsburg State University. Emporia State’s mascot is Corky the Hornet.

    • Gus the Gorilla is the mascot of Pittsburg State, however, I went to Emporia State. I was given Gus while in high school by my neighbor in hopes that I would attend PSU. Since ESU and PSU are rivals, my Gus the Gorilla changed sides and is now my classroom mascot.

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