Math Through Towers

Posted: June 26, 2015 in Uncategorized

Back in 2012, I spent two weeks with students on a Tiny Tower Project. You can find the beginning of the project here, with links to the other posts following.

This year, with a different set of students in a different school, I decided to revisit the project. However, this time we had 4 weeks. On the first three days, students started playing Tiny Tower. They quickly jumped into playing the game and discussing the different floors that they were building.

IMG_4219On the 4th day (Monday, June 8) students chose their groups and began building. Their requirements this year was to have a tower that is at least 10 inches tall, the base at least 36 square inches and the top needed to be flat and at least 16 square inches. They also had a budget of $1,000 to spend. The popsicle sticks were different sizes and sold in different amounts. The prices changed over the month depending on supply and demand. Students also could purchase Elmer’s glue or a glue stick. A few asked if they could bring their own supplies, but they were told that they had to purchase all items from my store. Throughout the month, there were days that students had pay days based off of the work they did outside of the construction process.

They had a competition to build a tower over 14 days. Today was the day that we did the testing. There were three different challenges that we looked at. We also had an overall winner.

  • Who had the tallest tower.
  • Who had the most budget left over
  • Who had the strongest tower.

You can see from the picture how everyone did on the competition. We had one group that did not reach the required height. They did not win any of the challenges, so we didn’t have to make decisions if they should win or not.

Below are the photos of each of the groups with their towers. Then we have the video of all the towers being tested of their strengths. Each book is 4.6 pounds, but we just said they were 5 pounds. Then of course, I built a tower and the last video is of that. Tomorrow I will write my reflection from the project.




Mean Girls (they took three days to come up with a name and then decided on a movie they watched)


Black Dragons


Elmo Street


4 Musketeers (there were 4 at the beginning of the month)


Little Einsteins


Game Builders


Soccer Stars (photo bombed by Andy Ott)


Blue Birds



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