Classroom Tour

Posted: August 18, 2015 in Uncategorized

Well, I’m 24 hours from the start of school. It’s a new school district for me and I’m excited about the changes I’m going to have this school year and I wanted to share my design with you.
Word Wall

Of course all classrooms need a word wall. This is the start of my word wall. You will notice that there are not too many words yet, but that’s because I want students to own this space. As the year goes along, I will have students create their own posters to hang up. That gives them ownership of a word and a deeper understanding that they can then share with others.


I’m excited to have a counter and storage in my classroom! I haven’t had this much space in many years to have things stored away. There are labels on some drawers, which are drawers for student use. Throughout the school year we will need to use scissors, markers, crayons, etc. and I feel that I need to have those things available for students.

The drawer that isn’t labeled is pencils because those are an essential tool for school, and I know many students forget to bring them. By handing students a pencil it allows a time for me to visit with the student and also encourage communication with their parents to remember supplies for school.



I have two bulletin boards in my classroom and just like other middle school teachers, I hate to figure out what to put on them. This summer I attended a Pre-AP Middle School Mathematics training and the instructor had these four questions on the wall. (Well, the name was not Purcell) So I have the questions there for students to write responses on sticky notes and hang them up. It’ll give me a chance to talk with students about how great of a year that we’re going to have.

Community Puzzle

The final piece of my classroom (See what I did there?) Along one wall, I have a table with a puzzle on it. This will be a community puzzle for students to enjoy. When I was a student, I would finish class work and often times be a little bored. Always reading a book isn’t fun either. So I have options for students after they complete their assignments. One of those tasks is this puzzle. I’m excited to see how this works. This again is something I heard from someone at the Pre-AP training. I’ll be sure to post photos throughout the year as this puzzle is put together and hopefully more puzzles to follow.

This is going to be a great school year. You can check out the video of my room below and see a few more things that I didn’t share about.


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