Starting New

Posted: August 23, 2015 in Uncategorized

Well, we’ve had 3 days of school. How is it going? Well, it’s Sunday and I think I have gotten enough rest to head back tomorrow. So, here’s the run down of this week. . .

We have written on the desks, played some competition and also created some art. Why? Because it’s building a community as well as giving me a chance to see how students interact and showing what they know.

Students were working on an order of operations maze to get their minds back into math and remembering the order. Since it’s a maze and they are just trying to work through the problems, we wrote on the tables to solve. There’s no reason to write on paper (wasting it) to solve problems. I’m not checking their work in this case. It’s a reminder for them to get back into the mode of school.

I had several students ask for assistance as they did the problems, but I had the chance to see which students had a full understanding, which students struggle a little and which ones have difficulties. The conversations that I was able to have that day was a great way to get to know the abilities of students.

Another activity we did was an Instructional Modern Art. I will post the directions with examples of the art work after they turn it in on Monday. This activity is a great way to see which students have the creativity and the freedom to do as it says. It also allowed me to see which students need (or are use to) precise instructions on exactly what they are to do. When it says “draw 3 shapes”, some students do a great job of doing so while some students are asking if they have to be normal shapes, the same shape or just frustrated because I won’t answer questions. I just kept asking “What do the instructions say?”

One of my favorite moments of the day was when my principal came in to watch the students work, then ended up asking me for a pencil and paper so that she could do the activity as well. She sat with a group of students and they all helped each other hold the paper when drawing circles. I think many students had forgotten that she was in there, but that was so great! They were being themselves and celebrating their work with each other.

And finally . . .

Students are really enjoying the community puzzle. I’ve had several students who have asked to go work on it when they complete their task (and many who just quietly get up and go because you don’t need “permission”). I’m loving how students work together and quietly on the puzzle. It is slowly coming together, but I think it’s a hit!

How are the first few days of school for you?


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