Really Random Thoughts

Posted: September 2, 2015 in Uncategorized

It’s September. . . .when did that happen?

I’m sitting here at my computer tonight just wondering what to type. The past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind, but I LOVE IT!!!!

I don’t think people truly understand the life of a teacher. All summer long you’re planning, talking with others and planning more for the upcoming school year. Then it gets here. . . .

You’re flying by the seat of your pants some days. It’s funny how this is my 10th year of teaching, but I’m going through the same things I did my first year!

How do I plan for a week?

I’m ready to teach this. . . oh no, I forgot to make copies.

Alright, let’s do this. (blank stares from students) I never told you about that, did I?

It takes awhile to get back into school mode, but I know things will be fine.

This year I have some incredible students! They are doing a great job and I can tell that they are not afraid to try new things and to show me what they can do. I wish I could have all of you in my classroom to see the great things that they do!

Today I had my principal, interim superintendent and assistant superintendent of secondary education step in and observe for a moment. What happened? The same great things that happen everyday!

So what is this post about? The randomness of my mind right now. There is so much going through my head that I can’t really focus, so I’m sitting here staring at my computer and just thinking about tomorrow.

What’s happening tomorrow? I’m introducing the students to projects. I’m pumped about what is going to happen this next month.

Until next time . . . stay cool.


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