Brain Drain

Posted: November 12, 2015 in Uncategorized

Today I had the opportunity to work with my fellow math teachers from my building to work on common formatives. It was a wonderful day of bonding with my coworkers as well as discussing what we want to see from our students. That’s not what they post is about though.

At the end of the day we looked back at all we had accomplished, which was a quite a bit! We also discussed how tired and worn out we were. Yes, teachers who are up teaching, moving around the room, helping students, redirecting students, planning for tomorrow, grading papers were tired. The day we sat all day was the day we were brain drained the most.

We have to remember that students work all day long. They are learning NEW information every minute of every day. Students are going from class to class every hour completing work for different teachers every day.

So when a student is tired at the end of the day or seems to be spacing off for a couple of minutes . . . . LET THEM!

The next time you want to get really mad, remember they day you worked and did something a little different and how tired you are. Students are learning something different every day. They’re going to be tired, which is a good thing.


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