Parents Want to Know

Posted: January 30, 2016 in Uncategorized

I teach math. I get math. I want students to enjoy math. Parents, I need your help to support me.

That’s always been my thought. Then in December I had a good slap in the face.

I had a parent email me at the end of the semester about their struggling child. She shared how he wants to do well and she does what she can to help him, but the topics of math are so broad, that she wasn’t 100% sure what I was teaching in the classroom. So when she was helping, he would understand, but when it came time for assessments, he didn’t do so well.


I’m so glad that parent wrote that email to me and let me know about her struggles as a parent. I never thought about that side of things.

So this semester I started sending emails to parents about what we are learning in the classroom. At the beginning of a unit, I write out what will be learned in the unit with links sharing how to help the students at home with practice. I also let them know about what date the assessment will be on so they can start preparing.

Each week, I may send another email about what is happening that week. I have sent a few saying, “There is homework tonight. This needs to be completed so we can discuss it tomorrow” just as a way for parents to help remind the kid to do the work.

I’ve gotten some great feedback from parents about keeping them in the know. They also feel they can ask me questions for clarification. It makes a difference to share with parents, because then they can help their child understand more.


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