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Posted: February 1, 2016 in Uncategorized

Today I want to ask some questions to my educator friends who blog. Of course, if I ask the questions, I need to be willing to answer them myself. Right?

What has been your ONE biggest struggle during this school year?

  1. This school year I’ve struggled with learning new standards. Two years ago I was teaching 8th grade CCSS in Kansas. Last year I taught 6th grade PASS standards here in Oklahoma and now this year I’m teaching 7th grade. I understand all of the concepts, but making sure that I cover everything that is going to be the state assessment (yes, it’s a worry to have my students prepared) is difficult. I know everything will be fine.

Share TWO accomplishments that you are proud of from this school year.

  1. I am proud of the fact that I have choice seating for my students. It is something that I have wanted for a few years, but this year I was able to make that happen.
  2. The other accomplishment that I am proud of is the communication that I am having with the parents of my students. This semester I have been sharing with them what is going on in the classroom and I feel that they are more comfortable with reaching out to me for questions.

What are THREE things that you wish to accomplish before the end of the school year?

  1. I would like to give students a few choices on projects to complete to show off their learning from this school year.
  2. I want to really explore and come up with a plan to possibly move toward standards based grading next school year.
  3. I want to work with my PLC and begin looking at common assessments for next year, however, we the passing of the new math standards needs to happen quickly to help us out.

Give FOUR reasons why you remain in education in today’s rough culture.

  1. Working with students.
  2. Helping students grow to become lifelong learners.
  3. The connections that I have made over the year via Twitter and Edcamps.
  4. Knowing that I make a difference in student’s lives everyday.

Which FIVE people do you hope will take the challenge of answering these questions?

  1. Eric Johnson – Someone who I feel is an awesome educator in Northern Indiana.
  2. Deborah Gist – I want to help her begin her blogging career.
  3. Scott Haselwood – Life is different as a student again and I want to hear about it.
  4. Matt Coaty – He’s a good friend and I love to read about his classroom.
  5. Tina Lunday – I miss seeing her at school and I know she is doing amazing things.
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