Middle School? Bless You.

Posted: February 2, 2016 in Uncategorized

On any given day, the conversations inside my head can be pretty comical and random. (As if actual conversations with others aren’t random.) Today at school the conversation in my head started when some local college students came in to observe my class. I was visiting with them and I told them to ask me anything they needed in order to understand what students were working on. Then in my head I thought, “just don’t ask why I teach middle school.”

Which then got me thinking the rest of the day, what if someone asked me that. All the time when I say that I teach middle school people react with variants of “It takes someone special to teach that age group.”

You know what? You’re right! I love it!

I teach middle school students because they are old enough to take care of themselves. They are old enough to start to love learning in different ways. However, they are not too old that they think they’re too good for your class. They aren’t too old that they don’t have respect for you.

Middle school isn’t an easy age. Do you remember your years in that time? It’s awkward. Everyone is growing at different rates so one day you’re the tallest and the next day the shortest. Your clothes don’t fit like they use to because you’re growing and you don’t understand how your feet got so big!

However, when it comes to work in the classroom, students in middle school are starting to find what they love to learn. They enjoy sharing that learning (especially if it’s not school related) with you and tell you all about it. It’s place where students can find a new joy in learning.

So why do I love teaching middle school students? Every day is different and every day is a new adventure.


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