Let Them In

Posted: February 3, 2016 in Uncategorized

I feel privileged. I live in a town that has a Division I University in it. Here in Stillwater we have Oklahoma State University. Before moving here, I lived in Emporia, Kansas, which is the home of Emporia State University. I know most teachers do not have the opportunities that I have because of where I live and teach.

You see, I was in college once. Yea, believe it kids! I use to be young.

There are thousands of college students in our nation who are studying to be teachers. They sit in classes and learn from professors how to be a teacher. You know, sitting in a desk listening to someone talk at you . . .

Colleges today are trying to get pre-service teachers (those studying to be a teacher) in the classroom quicker and more often than we as current teachers were when we were in school. They come in with fresh minds to teaching, but with memories of what school was like for them.

I welcome these students into my classroom for anything. Do you want to observe? Come on in. Do you want to teach a sample lesson? Go right ahead, I’ll make sure the students don’t bite.

Am I afraid that they might teach something wrong or lose control of the class? Uuummm, I have done both of those things and that was AFTER all of my schooling.

You see, we can’t be afraid about “the test” and keep these future teachers out of our classrooms. We need them in our classrooms so that when they graduate college and find a job, they are the best of the best. We want quality teachers coming out of college and leading our future students.

So next time someone asks if a pre-service teacher can come into your class, I hope that you say “yes” so you can help guide them to be an excellent teacher.


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