Let’s review the tape . . .

Posted: February 15, 2016 in Uncategorized

Take a look at this video from Comedy Central.

This evening I was listening to the radio and the Oklahoma State University Cowboys were preparing to play the University of Kansas Jayhawks in basketball. I’m from Kansas and I know that the Jayhawks have a long history of being good at basketball, so knowing that OSU defeated KU a month ago, makes tonight’s game kinda big.

However, as you can you tell, this post is not about that game. How do you know? Well, I enjoy watching sports . . . when I’m in person. Watching on television or knowing about every move by every player and coach . . . yea, I don’t care that much.

What got me thinking tonight was when on the radio I heard Coach Ford say, “Looking at the tape . . .” Now I don’t know if he was talking about the tape from the game mentioned above or the game they defeated KSU earlier this week, (Why do I know both of these facts?) but talking about the tape got me thinking.

What if teachers were that way?

Today a good friend of mine, Adam McPhail mentioned to me about recording me teaching my class and then sharing the video with his teachers. I have talked about recording myself teaching, and I’ve done that, but then going back and reviewing it. . . . yea, I don’t have the time.

Coaches are hired to coach and review practice video and games. They go back and watch to see where small mistakes happened or where plays they had planned worked. What if teachers had the time to do that? Would you watch yourself?

If I had someone record just one lesson a week and then I had time each week where I sat and watched myself. . . .I can’t imagine what I would notice and then be able to change. Just think about it.

The crazy thing is that these coaches also make thousands or millions of dollars a year to coach players (15-30 players) and then review the videos  . . . . ok, so I better not go into that because I don’t know enough to open this can of worms. . . . .

But just imagine, if I had the chance to review video to make my class even better. . . just think of what I could do. Think of what YOU could do!



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