It’s Not About You

Posted: April 5, 2016 in Uncategorized

So today I read this article about the beer and wine sales bill here in Oklahoma. Now as I have lived in other states as well as visited other states, I do have an opinion about the bill . . . but that is not what the post is about.

While reading the article, this caught my attention.

The bill passed the Senate, 28-16. It’s not clear why it hasn’t been taken up in the committee.

However, acrimony between the two chambers is known to slow proposals and House leaders complained bitterly last week that the Senate did not take up a House-passed bill on education standards.

Rep. Tommy Hardin, R-Madill, declined on Friday to say whether that dispute had anything to do with the bill not being considered in his Rules Committee.

This sounds similar to what is going on in Washington, D.C. when they were looking at a new Supreme Court Justice. (Are they still deciding on that? I’ll be honest, I haven’t really followed it.) Many of our elected leaders won’t even think about whoever President Obama nominates, because he’s leaving office and we don’t want any of his input (Democratic opinions) this close to the end of his term.


It is NOT your job to decide what should or should not be looked at or considered. If you were really doing your job, then you would take into consideration all aspects before you make a judgement. Instead, our elected leaders are putting their personal thoughts before doing their job.

Ok, so you don’t agree with me . . . that’s fine. So think about this.

I teach 7th grade mathematics, right? Let’s say that I don’t feel teaching students how to find compound area (that’s where you find the area of two or more shapes put together) an important topic, so I decide not to teach it. Now you see, I’m hired to teach 7th grade math. Compound area is one of the standards that is to be taught during this year of instruction. But I don’t want to teach it.

Not a big deal, right?

Ok, so if I blatantly refuse to teach the topic, I’m probably going to be asked to leave my position (a.k.a. be fired).

But I’m not just refusing and possibly losing my job, I’m hurting the students!

You see, our standards are written in a way that if I don’t teach this topic, then next year’s teacher will have to make up the topic as well as teach their standards. However, next year’s teacher may not even realize that it wasn’t taught and so it’s never brought in to help students, so then the students just have a hole in their learning and don’t even know it nor know how to fix it!

Now you see start to see the problem, right?

Ok, so back to our elected leaders. . . .

It’s not your place to decide what should and shouldn’t be looked at. If a bill has been placed in your hands, it is your JOB to look at it! It is your JOB to consider it. It is NOT your job to say, “You were mean to me, so I’m gonna be mean back.”

It’s time for our elected leaders to be civil people and be role models to our children so they can see how people (even though we may not agree) can get along and make decisions.

IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU! It’s about the people you represent. You represent everyone in our state or country, not just those you voted for you.


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