Time For . . .

Posted: April 5, 2016 in Uncategorized


This morning I have a meeting with our district curriculum tech specialist about helping out with some summer professional development. Since I have first period plan, she mentioned that we meet at a local coffee shop to change things up a bit. I jumped at the chance for that . . .

Which brings me to this morning. At first I thought that I didn’t need to leave as early, but instead I left at my normal time. I got here and I’m enjoying a cinnamon roll and a chance to blog.

Which got me to thinking . . .

Wouldn’t it be nice if I was able to do this on a regular basis? You know, about once a month you’re given time to come in a  little late so that you have time to . . .

  • blog
  • read up on education
  • meet with others
  • reflect

Think about how this would help our profession if we had time to do this. There are so many things that I want to read (my last blog post), but it seems as if I’m just running all the time.

However, I know that not everyone would use the time wisely, which is why we have the government looking down on us and taking things (money) away from us. A few bad apples have given educators a bad name.

But what if we had to show proof about how we are bettering the education community? Would that be something that we could work in to our time as educators? I have a passion for this and I want to work on this to help out the education community. Would I be able to take a  little time each month to work on it?

How would that look? Would people find a passion to work toward if given the opportunity?

Well, time for my meeting.


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