Posted: April 18, 2016 in Uncategorized

So I have to brag on my students . . .

We use Think Through Math in our building. It’s an online program to help students work through math problems. Some are multiply choice and some really get the students to thinking.

Part of the program is that students can work toward “Think Points” and then use the points toward goals. Some goals are by creating an avatar and decorating it with fancy clothing and other items. Another goal is set by the class. As a class, students can work toward getting 500,000 points. They also choose what they get to celebrate when they reach the 500,000 Think Points.

Choices for the reward includes $50 toward a pizza party from choice restaurants, but also can be a donation to a charity. Well, all of my classes (except one) chose the pizza party. What 7th grader doesn’t want to enjoy some pizza?

As I said, one class didn’t choose pizza. When they were making the decision on setting up their goal back in September, they thought and shared ideas. Many pointed out that they could have pizza whenever they wanted. So they decided to donate their $50 to The Wounded Warrior Project.

Throughout the school year, students have been working hard in math and it is paying off! As we prepare for state assessments next week, the class that set their goal to help others reached the 500,000 Think Points. So now a donation is being made in their name.

I’m so proud of these kids! To celebrate, many parents are donating to help this class have a pizza party with drinks and fruits and vegetables later this week.

It’s great when students think about others and WANT to help them more than themselves.

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 7.29.05 PM


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