Summer Planning

Posted: May 10, 2016 in Uncategorized

Well, summer is upon us. . . .well, some of us. For those of you who do not start school until Labor Day, I know that you have awhile to go still. I have 8 days left with my students. I can’t believe how quickly this year has gone by again.

So what am I doing this summer? Well, I’m a teacher . . . so nothing. I’m going to sit at home and do nothing all summer.



Now for the truth . . .

School is ending May 20.

The week of May 23, I’ll be cleaning around the house, mowing and getting our dog to the vet and the dog park. This is a pretty easy week.

The week of May 30, I’ll say goodbye to May and then have a PLC training. I’m excited to finally go to a training over PLCs so that I can get more understanding of how to work together. I’ve been using PLCs in my schools for several years, but now I think I can get more insight to the purpose and how to get more things accomplished.

I’m running a half marathon here in Stillwater on June 5. It will be my 3rd half marathon to run. Then I’ll be off to OKMathLeadership for our final installment. I’ll be presenting, which can me scary, but I know it’s going to go great . . . . speaking of which, I should get things finished up for that.

The week of June 13, I’ll be headed to the Nuts and Bolts Symposium in Destin, Florida. I’m excited to go and learn and meet new people. Will any of you be there?

After returning, then I’ll be able to relax and start putting together some things that I learned. It will be my first chance to really put things in place and start to really look at next year and lesson planning.

After a quick jaunt to the Bahamas on a cruise in July, I’ll return to the classroom and start getting it set up. There is a little painting that I would like to do and redesigning of the space for next year.

So, here we go. Summer is upon us and I have PLENTY to do!


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