Self Grading

Posted: September 12, 2016 in Uncategorized

This summer I was looking at the websites of other math teachers in my district. I saw something that I liked and thought I would try it out this year.

When students are working on practice problems, we will grade them in class. As we are grading, students can make changes or notes on the paper as they need. At the end of grading, students will self assess according to the document below.


We have talked about the fact that as a student, they could write a 5 on every paper. Then we discuss when I will find out if they were lying when writing the 5s. Is the unit test when you want me to know that you are not getting a concept?

As we have been using this in the past few weeks, students pull me aside and ask my opinion about what they should write. Some mention that they missed two questions, but they were silly mistakes and they see what they did wrong. They feel confident and have even helped others on their work. So they wonder what they should put because they feel like a 5, but since they missed 2, they aren’t sure. I then ask the class their thoughts.

Most of the time, students are harder on themselves then we as teachers are. I have had students who have written 2s on their paper, but when I give them another set of problems to work for me, they get them all correct.

So what do I do with these scores? Well, I do place the scores in the grade book (according to in the parenthesis) and as I do, I look at the scores. When students write 4s and 5s, I think “great job” and move on. When I see 3s, I glance through and see why they may have placed that. When I see 1s and 2s, I set the paper aside and look at it later. Most of the time, it’s just helping build confidence in the student.

I don’t have students grade everything, but when I do, it’s helping me see how they feel about themselves as well as getting grades into the grade book. It seems to be working and I have high hopes for this new way of grading.

What are your thoughts? Have you ever tried anything like this before?

  1. How do you think this went last semester? I’d like to do something like this with my students’ free response notebooks. Right now they aren’t graded and its worked, but I’d like students to assess their work somehow. This could work.

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