Formative Assessments

Posted: September 14, 2016 in Uncategorized

This year our PLC (Professional Learning Community) has been working hard to change how we determine students who need remediation. What have we done?

Well, I need to explain what we use to do. We use to just determine individually who we needed to pull into our class for intervention. We each had our own ways of deciding, sometimes just who we saw struggling or didn’t really “get” what we were currently teaching. It worked, but I know I wasn’t always focused on what needed to be retaught.

So this summer we sat and talked about our new standards and how we can make sure students are understanding what we teach. We set up dates to give formatives as well as created the formatives. We gave our first one last week. After we gave our students the formative, then we each graded our students’ formatives. We had talked about how to grade them so that we all graded them the same way.

We then sat down together and decided how we needed to split our students who needed the most help. What’s exciting is how we divided the students up.

Taking the students and placing them in three groups, we decided who would teach what. Yes, we are sharing students with each other. Instead of us all trying to help all of our students in the different areas that they need help, we are leaning on each other to help our students out.

Now, it’s the first week of students going to each other, but I feel that it is working. Students are getting a different view/explanation of the concepts that have been covered and may seem confusing, but many students have commented out it makes more sense now.

Does that mean their regular teacher didn’t teach it well? Of course not! What it means is that when students hear from another teacher, it helps them understand a little more and see that all teachers are there to help them.

As they year goes on, I’ll share more about this new process that we are trying this year.


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