First Book of 2017

Posted: January 2, 2017 in Uncategorized

hls-hacking-pbl_finalThis week I purchased the Kindle version of Hacking Project Based Learning by Ross Cooper and Erin Murphy. It’s helped me start thinking about bringing Project Based Learning (PBL) into my classroom. I have had some experience in PBL, but I’ll be honest, I struggle with it.

During the 2010-2011 school year I taught at Turning Point Learning Center (TPLC) under the direction of Ginger Lewman. I was only there for a year before the school changed hands and my position was eliminated. I did learn a few things from Ginger, but I know I didn’t learn everything I needed to be confident.

Since leaving TPLC, I have struggled in finding ways to incorporate PBL in the middle school math classroom. It’s been difficult for me because I keep trying to look at the standards and wonder how to get some of these standards into inquiry based lessons. I feel some students won’t ask what needs to be asked to help them see higher level math.

The beginning of this book has helped me to get the confidence to figure out where to take my students this spring with some projects. It takes you step by step on how to sit and figure out where to use PLB in your classroom. I’m excited to take a project I used last year and use PBL for students to learn the information. I know it can be done and I’m excited for it to happen.

Thank you Ross and Erin for your wisdom and leading to get back on the path Ginger started me on 7 years ago.

  1. This looks fantastic. I’m going to get it today!

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