Group Quiz Concept

Posted: January 9, 2017 in Uncategorized

A few months ago I had students take a group quiz. I set some guidelines though. You can find the quiz at this link. 2-stepgroupquiz

Students were in groups of 4 and they were not allowed to have anything on the table. I passed out the quiz, giving all students in the group to discuss the quiz. In the discussion, they needed to decide who was going to be completing each question. Each person had to solve one of the problems, but which one to solve was their choice.

When students were ready to take the quiz, they raised their hand and I handed them their pencil. The twist was the person holding the pencil was not allowed to talk. That’s right, you could solve the problem, but you were not allowed to talk, however, the other three in your group could talk and assist you in solving.

Students really worked together and supported students who struggled. It really gave everyone the confidence they needed to complete their problem successfully.

I would encourage you to try a group quiz while placing some boundaries on them.

  1. Meghan Loyd says:

    This seems really cool and totally doable in my hot mess crazy choir chaos!

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