Put It Out There

Posted: February 20, 2017 in Uncategorized

I live in a state of low teacher pay.

I live in a country where people look down on educators.

I love my job and I love a good joke. However, the jokes are for everyone to see when we post them on social media.

Look at the following jokes, but as you do look at them from a non-educator mindset.

So if you’re a parent who’s child is in your class, what are they now thinking about having you as the teacher? Do you find out when the principal is gone and show a movie? Is my child the shithead in his/her class?

Think about that. What are you telling people about yourself and your class when you post this on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest?

Now look at this one.

This is a sweet one. Helping parents know you care about their child is important. However, can it be seen the wrong way? Can this be viewed as a complaint of having a large class size?

This last one can be viewed as a complaint, but I feel it’s good for people to realize everything that is done in a day by teachers.

I guess what I’m saying is be careful what you post. You may see it as a joke. Your teacher friends may see it as a joke. Does everyone though? Who else is seeing what you post?

Be the best you can be but also be mindful about what you share with the world.


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