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Boy It’s Hot Outside

Posted: July 16, 2017 in Uncategorized

Today I went for a 5K run, well, actually I ran 2.6 miles and then had to walk the final half mile because of the heat. It’s not that it’s too hot to run, otherwise I wouldn’t have gone on the run. However, I wanted to push myself a little and to help my body acclimate to hot weather because you never know when a race could be hot weather.

While running today, I started to think about how great it was going to be to get home and enjoy the air conditioning. That thought got me thinking to growing up in a house that didn’t have central air. Yes, we had a window unit in the dining room and we had rules on when my brother and I could turn the A/C on. (Above 100º before noon.) Of course, our parents could turn it on whenever they wanted. IMG_2192

When attending college, I lived in a fraternity house without central air conditioning. We had a few window units in common spaces, but it wasn’t enough to make it the house cool. There were some who put window units in their bedrooms and we even had arguments about those who had them should be paying more in rent because they were using more energy than those without A/C.

I’m currently reading Becoming the Math Teacher You Wish You’d Had by Tracy Zager, which states that students learn better if they can make connections. If you do any educational reading, you know Zager is not the only educator to state this fact. So you can see I bring all of this up because I’m making connections myself.

As I was running, I started to think about how hot it would be at times sitting in the house. Sitting in front of a box fan was not only entertaining (talking into a fan is the best), but it would keep you cool. But how many students don’t have the luxury of even  window unit? Yea, that’s not too bad. It can be hot and miserable, but there are ways to keep cool. What about winter though? I know students who don’t always have heat.

As teachers, we need to keep these things in mind when a student doesn’t have their work complete, or are tired, or just needy. Students live in so many different atmospheres that may not help them focus at school as we think they should be. What can you do to help them out? Yes, we’d all love to give them a better home, but we can’t do that. How can we take the challenges they face and help them in the classroom?